Finding new cancer treatments for you –
We provide guidance.

New cancer therapies in clinical trials

iuvando is an independent research portal for cancer patients who wish to benefit from new drugs and therapies offered in clinical trials at specialized centers (such as university clinics). To this end, iuvando can be commissioned by patients to perform a personalized search for suitable clinical trials. To always have access to all information on current therapy studies, iuvando cooperates with researching pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as clinics and specialized practices where patients are treated as part of studies.

As a cancer patient, have you achieved no improvement with conventional therapies and are now looking for new treatment options? Take advantage of our free offer: As a doctor-led, independent platform, we make new treatment options available to you through clinical trials, such as for breast cancer or lung cancer.

Find a clinical trial for your cancer

Many cancer patients do not know that in addition to standard therapies, there is also the option to participate in studies and benefit from innovative, clinically-tested treatment approaches. Often, patients only accidentally get a place in a study therapy because the study is offered where they are being treated. We want to change this and give all those affected the opportunity to explore new treatment perspectives – we will find the appropriate clinical trials for you!

Which diseases can iuvando find clinical trials for?

As a patient, you can contact us with any type of cancer to receive information about clinical trials. iuvando helps you and your physicians plan therapies across the entire field of oncological and hematological studies.

At iuvando, we have created an overview of the current clinical studies available in Germany for lung cancer, breast cancer, and myelofibrosis patients. This list is regularly updated to include new diseases. We are happy to assist you in finding the appropriate clinical studies for your specific case, and to help you locate the nearest clinics and study centers. Get started by contacting us today!

Start your clinical trial search now!

How we search clinical trials for your cancer type

database research and matching

We match your disease with clinical trials in our database

Currently, around 800 clinical trials are available for cancer patients in Germany. Based on your medical records, we screen our database to find clinical trials for your specific cancer type.

personal study overview

We provide you with a personalized search report

As experienced physicians, we understand the anxiety and uncertainty that cancer brings. We meticulously review all available clinical trials to provide you with personalized options that match your unique situation. Within a matter of days, we will deliver a customized search report detailing your treatment options available through clinical trials in your region.

Discussion and Decision

You consult with your doctor and make an informed decision

Our service delivers accurate and reliable information, and we work closely with you and your treating physician to help you make an informed decision about your next treatment step.

Contact us and get connected!

We are here to help you find new treatment pathways. Our service is personalized, fast, and free of charge.


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