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We Provide Guidance

Are you facing cancer without achieving a durable response with standard of care so far? If you are seeking to explore your full range of treatment options, we may be able to help you at no cost. New compounds are exclusively available within clinical trials until officially approved. We are an independent digital platform designed for cancer patients in difficult-to-treat situations led by experienced physicians and strive to make new drugs accessible to you within clinical trials. Find more information on breast cancer or lung cancer.

Find a clinical trial for your cancer

Many cancer patients in difficult-to-treat situations lack awareness of clinical trials as a way to access innovative treatment approaches and expand their full range of therapeutic options. Often times, patients only learn about clinical trials if they are available at the site where they are receiving treatment. iuvando envisions to enable every cancer patient in a difficult-to-treat situation to unlock their full range of treatment options – irrespective of where you live or where you receive treatment. We feel that accurate information are key to make balanced decisions. iuvando provides guidance by searching for clinical trials for your cancer!

What’s available for me?

How we search clinical trials for your cancer type

database research and matching

We search our database to match clinical trials

Currently, around 800 clinical trials are available for cancer patients in Germany. Based on your medical records we screen our database to find clinical trials for your specific cancer type.

personal study overview

We provide a personalized search report for you

As experienced physicians we know how unsettling it is to face cancer. We screen all available clinical trials to provide a personalized selection for your situation. Within a few days, you will receive an individualized search report listing your treatment options within clinical trials in your area.

Discussion and Decision

You consult with your doctor and make an informed decision

Our service provides accurate information and supports you to make an informed decision about your next treatment together with your treating physician.

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We are there to help you unlocking new treatment pathways. Our service is personalized, fast and free of charge.


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