Scientific Research into your Personal Therapy Options

As an independent platform for patients and physicians we have a view of all clinical trials for individual cancers in Germany who are currently open to admit patients.

iuvando prepares for you a selection of clinical trials which fit your personal situation. Depending on the individual properties of your disease, such as stage of the tumor, status of the receptors, treatments received, etc., we examine which trials you may be admitted to. Your mobility and your location are also considered. Once all criteria have been taken into account, just a small selection of clinical trials remains to choose from.

In addition, iuvando also checks the particular requirements of the current clinical trials against your patient diagnosis so that the patient and the study and are match. You will then discuss the possible clinical trials with your own team of physicians who will advise you which study makes the most medical sense for you.

By the way: The individual characteristics of your disease are not something you have to interpret from your doctor’s report – we will do this for you. iuvando is managed by doctors with many years of experience in oncology who can competently judge the situation of your disease.

Important: Please note that iuvando cannot advise you regarding the clinical trials – we just show you the individual options. You will make the decision, either in collaboration with your doctor, or by consulting with the study center, to make sure that your participation makes sense.