We aim to provide new perspectives in cancer therapy.

Empowering Patients – Accelerating Science

Each year, a wide range of new and promising substances in cancer medicine become available for use. Developing these drugs for approval is time-consuming and costly, leaving many patients unable to access new therapies. iuvando was established to make innovative therapies more widely available during the clinical trial phase and to expedite the process to official approval.

iuvando Principles

Our research is guided by the following principles to which we feel ethically bound:

We are independent and impartial.

Our research is conducted independently of sponsors or drug manufacturers, which means that all currently available therapy trials are included in our search. We remain impartial.

We research without judgment.

At the request of a patient or physician, iuvando provides an overview of clinical trials based on formal criteria. We do not judge the research results and make no statements about the chances of success of individual therapies. The medical evaluation of the search results is the treating physician’s responsibility.

We respect the existing doctor-patient relationship.

iuvando does not act as a medical authority towards patients and cannot provide information about an individual’s illness or treatment plan, leaving the trust and relationship between patients and their treating physician intact.

Who we are – get to know iuvando!

Dr. Mridul Agrawal and Dr. Benjamin Hanfstein have a wealth of experience as physicians and researchers in cancer and leukemia research. Both share a passion for targeted therapy approaches, which have already significantly impacted certain areas of cancer treatment for patients. Developing these drugs before official approval is a costly and often year-long process, during which new therapies are not accessible to many patients. iuvando was founded to make these innovative therapies available early in the clinical trial phase and to shorten the time to official approval.